Male, 38 years
Anna helps you find those things that chafe in your life so that you have the opportunity to release them.

Male, 52 years
I have met Anna Skevik since September 2020 and since then I have had 40 sessions of 60 min.
Anna has all the knowledge a therapist needs. She has presence, empathy and the ability to listen, which are good qualities of a therapist. I complete a 3-year training as a psychosynthesis therapist and use Anna as a guide, coach, pathfinder and therapist. I can highly recommend Anna.

Female, 49 years
Anna is a real gift! She has already helped me many times in my life. It is with great gratitude that I recommend her to anyone who seeks support, guidance and answers. Anna is a kind-hearted person who listens with great empathy and speaks in a warm voice. Her way of being and looking at life makes me feel both courage and hope. She helps me to soften up to feelings and insights. And she comes up with suggestions that helps me develop further.
As I said: a true gift!

Female, 54
Anna has meant a lot to me.
When I came to her, I had suffered from depression and anxiety for many years. Anna was the first therapist I met who understood what it was all about and who could give me hope and the right tools to work with my emotions. With Anna as my patient guide, I have explored and come in contact with encapsulated feelings of sadness, anger and fear. It has made the anxiety gradually release and today I feel better than ever.

Female, 36 years
Would really recommend Anna if you are looking for a therapist. The world’s best! 🥰

Male, 65 years
After exploring the teaching of Divine Truth, I went through a traumatic change in life. During that time, I received valuable guidance from Anna Skevik. She gave me support and insights that gave me new perspectives on myself.
Anna has, with her experience, competence and empathetic way, helped me to see who I am, my addictions and facades and to develop my ability to feel and express depressed emotions. I can therefore warmly recommend Anna as a therapist and guide to anyone seeking a spiritual development.

Female, 55 years
I want to thank you once again for all the support you have been for me, how you shared with you and inspired me and above all made me dare to take the steps I have made.
I got to feel that you believed in me and that I dared to believe in myself!
Thank you so much!