A butterfly’s transformation, larva – pupa – butterfly, is a symbol of our potential for spiritual transformation.

Inspiration for you on your way

It is my desire and passion to support people to learn to experience their emotions and to express them with the body, without directing the emotions towards anyone or anything living, and if they want, to explore spirituality in their lives!

These are pieces of the puzzle that lead to a happy life.

Here I share life events and turning points that have led to changes towards a happy life for me.

Study groups in Divine Truth

In 2014, the first presentation in the series Assistance Group – An Education in Love came on Divine Truth’s website, They can be found under Downloads, sorted by Event Type Assistance Group. I felt a strong desire to see and discuss the material with others, so I started a…

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My shift from commercial to non-profit work

As I gained more knowledge about Divine Truth, I began to realize that the gift principle is the most loving way we can relate to one another. Because I want to test and experiment with what I learn about the truth of God, I started in 2018 to change my…

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In February I turned 65!

I was surprised by how nice it felt. I feel free. Even though I have not retired! The feeling reminds me of when I turned 13: ”Now I’m big, I’ve become a teenager!”And when I turned 25: ”Now I’ve grown up!” Hmm. . . 😉Turning 50 also felt like a…

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Laddar in …

Något gick fel. Ladda om sidan och/eller försök igen.

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