About Psychosynthesis

Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974) looked at the health of man and developed a psychology that focuses on our inherent possibilities, with a holistic view that encompasses the whole of man; body, thoughts, emotions and soul.

It assumes that all parts need attention in order for us to be able to develop the potential that exists within us.

Assagioli believed that empathy and the therapeutic relationship are more important than specific methods in the therapeutic work.

He describes his way of working with the words:

”A method of psychological development and self-realization for those who refuse to remain slaves to their inner ghosts or external influences, for those who refuse to passively give in to the psychological game going on within them, but instead are determined to become
masters of their own life”.

Roberto Assagioli, physician and psychiatrist

Assagioli shows that when the parts of the personality are integrated in a personal psychosynthesis, we can work further towards a transpersonal psychosynthesis, to also include the spiritual dimension in our lives.

According to Assagioli, the will is the most central function of the psyche.

In order to live our lives, instead of just surviving, we need to learn to use our will to notice and experience all emotions. We need to welcome all experiences to learn more about ourselves and life.

”The most effective and satisfying role of the will is not to be a source of direct power or strength, but a function that is at our disposal and can stimulate, regulate and control all other functions and forces within us.”

From the book The Act of Will: A Guide to Self-Actualization and Self-Realization, 1974, Roberto Assagioli