About Divine Truth

Divine Truth refers to the truth of God, which is the absolute truth about the universe and all that it encompasses – from God’s perspective.

Divine Truth teaches that the divine truth can be discovered by any person by creating a personal relationship with God.

The teaching of Divine Truth includes the doctrine of God and the nature of God, the nature, development and potential of the human soul, how to create a relationship with God, what is loving from God’s perspective, how to become a more loving person, life after death, spirits and the spirit world and the physical and spiritual laws that govern the universe.

Teaching is free and independent of political, religious and other group interests.

The core message of Divine Truth is:

  • We are souls created with a unique personality.
  • The soul, which consists of two halves, is divided when each half of the soul incarnates on earth.
  • These two halves are called soulmates, and can be heterosexual or homosexual, depending on the total masculine or feminine nature of the soul.
  • The potential of each half of the soul is to attract and unite with the other half. However, most of us have emotional damage, negative feelings towards the opposite sex and/or the same sex, which cause us and our soul partner not to be attracted to each other.
  • We live in a universe created by God and governed by physical and spiritual laws based on love.
  • Our emotions reflect our soul condition in love.
  • We have free will to act in harmony or in disharmony with God’s laws.
  • Our soul condition attracts experiences in life to teach us when we are in harmony with God’s laws and when we are in disharmony with God’s laws.
  • When we act in harmony with God’s laws, we experience genuine joy, pleasure and well-being, because we are in harmony with love.
  • When we act in disharmony with God’s laws, we experience discomfort and pain, because we are in disharmony with love.
  • Emotions are energy and it is when the energy flows through us that we experience the emotions.
  • Fear that we avoid experiencing shrinks our life experience.
  • Love expands our life experience.
  • Anger covers the sadness and pain we avoid experiencing.
  • We expand our soul condition when we choose to experience and express all emotions, anger, fear, pain and sorrow, with our body without directing the emotions towards anything living. The emotions then flow naturally through us and leave us.
  • We shrink our soul condition when we choose to live in our emotions. The feelings then remain in us, depressed and blocked and create discomfort and pain.
  • There are two ways to develop in love:
    The path of natural love which means that we work to experience what is unloving within us, on our own, to grow in love. This takes a long time.
    The path of divine love which means that in addition to working to experience what is unloving within us, we also long to receive God’s love. God’s love removes the cause of the unlove within us, heals our emotional wounds, transforms the soul and we grow in love.

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