Study groups in Divine Truth

In 2014, the first presentation in the series Assistance Group – An Education in Love came on Divine Truth’s website, They can be found under Downloads, sorted by Event Type Assistance Group.

I felt a strong desire to see and discuss the material with others, so I started a study group.

The purpose of the group is that we support each other to acquire the knowledge that Jesus and Mary teach and to inspire to practice what we learn, to develop in truth, love, humility, longing, faith, self-responsibility and to act lovingly.

Currently, the following presentations are in the series Assistance Group – An Education in Love:

Introduction presentation:
An introduction to love, 2014

An Education in Love:
Developing my will to love, 2016
Developing my loving self, 2016
Understanding God’s loving laws, 2016
Understanding sin and its causes, 2019 (partially published)

Five more presentations are planned:
Confronting sin and its causes
Removing sin and its causes
Engaging God’s loving laws
Receiving God’s love
Loving God

The first years we met physically in Gothenburg. From the pandemic 2020, we went over to meet online, at Zoom. It has made it possible for Swedish-speaking people from all over the world to participate. We currently have participants from Norway, Japan and from different places in Sweden.

We created policy and rules of conduct in the group. One of them is that new people who want to join the group need to study all presentations up to and including the one who is the task for the next study group meeting, in order to start in the group.

After six years, we started Study Group II because there was too much material to get acquainted with on their own for new participants.

To create a common base for all participants in Study Group II, we started by studying the welcome videos for first-time visitors, which Jesus suggests on the Divine Truth YouTube channel,

Then we continue with the presentations Assistance Group – An Education in Love from 2014 onwards.

We are now 12 people in Study Group II and another 3 people have registered an interest in participating in the group, so the next step is to divide the group into two study groups. Our experience is that a suitable group size is between 7-9 people for both participants and the person leading the group.

The most important thing about the study group is that we train to become self-reflective about what we learn that is unloving and loving according to God’s definition and begin to practice what we learn.

As we practice experiencing and expressing all our feelings and long for a relationship with God and being able to receive God’s love, we begin to change. It is a change that is reflected in our attitudes, feelings and actions towards other people, animals and nature. We become happier and our lives change in depth in a positive direction. That’s my experience!

If you are interested in participating in one of the study groups, you can contact me,, for information about the group, prerequisites, policy and rules of conduct.

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