My shift from commercial to non-profit work

As I gained more knowledge about Divine Truth, I began to realize that the gift principle is the most loving way we can relate to one another. Because I want to test and experiment with what I learn about the truth of God, I started in 2018 to change my relationship with money, from ”charge” for my work to instead ”give”. That is, a transformation from commercial activity to non-profit work or in other words from barter – ”I give you this and you give me money in return” – to the gift principle – ”I give you this because my desire is to support you to have a happier life ”.

The first step I took towards the gift principle was that I stopped deciding what those who went to talk to me would pay. Instead, I invited an exploration of what they wanted and could pay based on what they felt my support and my guidance was worth to them. The reactions I got were everything from ”Help, I do not know what to pay!”, ”What is reasonable to pay?”, ”What does this cost?” to ”Wow, how cool”, ”You are worth so much!”. That shift led to the invoices now having different amounts per hour instead of everyone being invoiced the same amount per hour.

My experience from these years is that it is a huge change to switch from commercial to non-profit work, when you have no other source of income. It aroused a lot of emotions in me! We are used to receiving a salary or fee for our work, we feel that the money we earn determines our value and it is frightening not to know what will flow into the bank account. Will I have enough to be able to pay my bills at the end of the month?

So the gift principle – how does it work? You give a gift without making demands on the recipient. If you expect a gift or a favor in return, or get angry if you do not receive something, then it is not a gift but barter.

I still feel some resistance to say that it does not cost anything to seek guidance from me, as I need money to live, I like everyone else! But it just shows that I do not yet have full confidence that if I do what I love to do and it is loving (according to God’s definition) I will get the money I need! And if I do not trust that God’s laws will always work, then there is a fear in me that I need to feel and release.

If you receive a gift from me in the form of support and guidance and you feel grateful, it will probably arouse your desire to give me a gift, if you allow yourself to feel about it. Not as a gift in return or as a demand, as what we can end up with around the Christmas presents for Christmas Eve, but because you want to show your gratitude for what you have received from me from your heart. You may want to support me so that I can continue to support and guide you and others. You may also feel inspired to give a gift to a completely different person, whom you want to support.

The next step in my shift from barter to gift principle was that I stopped writing invoices. Instead, I started writing receipts for the gifts I received. This meant that I completely handed over to the person I guided to decide what he or she wanted to give! It felt challenging but at the same time it gave me a sense of freedom.

In December 2021, I deregistered my company Livsbalans Daimon, which I have run for 18 years. During these years, I have learned that the cause of most problems in our lives is depressed emotions such as fear, sadness and pain. In step with that experience, a desire and passion has developed in me to support people to learn the difference between living in their emotions and to experience and express them with the body, so that the depressed emotions can be released. It is a knowledge that is easy to convey, but great as a paradigm shift to apply. Gaining that experience is worth all the work of releasing your depressed feelings, because it creates a happy life!

So, what happens now?
I continue to offer therapy and guidance in personal and spiritual development on a non-profit basis, now as a private person. This will be the third step in my change towards applying the gift principle! I do not yet know if this is the last step. My work will give me challenges and opportunities to discover if there is any fear left in me about not to get the money I need for my livelihood. It is only when I have experienced and redeemed all that fear that I actually apply the gift principle fully. If it’s now or if I need to take more steps, the future will show me.

What I have experienced so far after the shift to the gift principle is how it feels to receive a donation compared to how it feels to get paid for an invoice.
The difference is very big!
A paid invoice creates at best a satisfied feeling ”Now I have been paid”.
A donation means that a wave of joy and gratitude flows through me!

The difference between how it feels to meet you in therapy and guidance with the business principle and with the gift principle is huge!
With the gift principle, the meeting feels softer, warmer, friendlier – simply more loving!

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