In February I turned 65!

I was surprised by how nice it felt. I feel free. Even though I have not retired!

The feeling reminds me of when I turned 13: ”Now I’m big, I’ve become a teenager!”
And when I turned 25: ”Now I’ve grown up!” Hmm. . . 😉
Turning 50 also felt like a turning point in life.

The big difference now is that I feel calmer, more grounded in myself and I have more faith in life.

A valuable insight I have gained is that grief, pain and fear that I suppress or live in, create a filter through which I experience the world. A filter that affects my feelings, thoughts, decisions and actions. Now I train to instead experience and let all emotions flow, to be able to be in a relationship with myself, others and God.

It has changed my life!

My plan when I turned 65 was to continue meeting with people in therapy and guidance for another year and make a new decision on how to proceed when I got there.

It has now been almost a year and I still want to support people with therapy and guidance!

I want to share the experiences I have had around experiencing and with the body expressing all my feelings, longing to receive God’s love and experience the transformative power it has on the emotional damage we have blocked within us.

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