A turning point in my life

In the autumn of 2009, I found myself in a heavy, stagnant place. I felt lonely, sad and did not experiencing anything developing, exciting or fun in my life.

In my despair, I prayed to God to get in touch with a person or a knowledge that could help me further in life.

Three weeks after that, I had a DVD about Divine Truth in my hand, an introductory video called Secrets Of The Universe.
Read about the core message of Divine Truth in the menu ”About Divine Truth”.

I felt that I was listening to something extremely important and valuable.

The most challenging part of the teaching is that those who teach the knowledge say that they are Jesus (A J Miller) and Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck) who have come back to help us.

The teachers of Divine Truth, Mary and Jesus. Photo courtesy of God’s Way Ltd.

”I’m not taking a stand on that now!” was my spontaneous reaction when Jesus said it in the presentation. ”But what he conveys feels vital!”

So I kept listening to the teaching and practicing to apply it.

It has meant a paradigm shift in my approach and focus in life. I change and it changes my life! I have been given a compass in life that points to a happy life!

I would like to share that!

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